Winter rest Yin retreat

Malou Lejon

DATES: 7-9/1. Friday 16:00-18:00, Saturday15:00-17:30 and Sunday 09:30-11:45.

PRICE: 1250 kr

Winter rest

Welcome to a mini-retreat in the spirit of yin yoga with a focus on letting go of what has been and welcoming new. We welcome autumn, let the leaves fall, let go of what we no longer need, breathe in the clear, fresh, slightly cooler autumn air. This gives more space for what is important, what you want more of and need right now. Let go of what has been and step into the powerful and invigorating rest.

The classes focus on the meridians of the lungs and colon, but we go through all the elements and all the meridians of the body. Extra focus will be placed on various breathing exercises (simple breathing exercises that everyone can perform) and Yoga Nidra to calm and strengthen your mind and refine your intention.

The five elements are aspects of Qi (life force / energy). These are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. According to traditional Chinese medicine, health is a harmonious balance of all elements. The element of autumn is Metal. Autumn is the time to reap what has been sown before and to find structure. It’s time to create strategies and travel forward.

The meridians that are in focus are the lungs and the large intestine. Balanced lung qi makes you brave, full of zest for life, present, emotionally touched and open. You dare to face life with all its ups and downs with love and acceptance.

Friday: A class to clear out and become grounded with breathing in focus. Philosophical thoughts about the Metal Element and exercises for Lungs and colon meridians and for Liver and Gallbladder meridians.
Saturday: A recovery class with breathing exercises and philosophical thoughts. Lungs and thick frame meridians as well as Kidneys and bladder meridians and for spleen and stomach.
Sunday: An invigorating and uplifting class with breathing exercises philosophical thoughts and Yoga Nidra. The meridians that are in focus are the lungs and the meridians of the colon and the meridians of the heart and small intestine.


I see yoga as a tool to get through life in the best way, through all the roller coasters that life has to offer. Yoga on the mat is an exercise and a reminder of how we want to be towards ourselves and our surroundings in the everyday life we live in.

I found yoga in 2002 and have been a teacher since 2007. I like variety and playfulness! My classes can be sweaty, flowing, as well as quiet or a wonderful mix.

Breathing is important as well as meditation. I want the class to be an opportunity to practice turning focus and attention inward.


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