Yoga PT

Many of our yoga teachers are also licensed in personal training and therapeutic and rehab training. Whether you want to sharpen your form, recover from injury or understand more about yoga, personal training is a good alternative.


With your personal trainer, you get help with motivation, program structure, technique and new exercises. A tailor-made opportunity just for you with a focus on, for example, strengthening your posture, back, neck, torso stability and breathing. Maybe you have a wish and a plan for something you want help with or you see it as an effective opportunity for your own well-being. We have both a yoga room and a gym for functional training.

Read more about which yoga teachers are personal trainers here.

Yoga PT

  • Try yoga and discover the tools.
  • Better technique, increased understanding of the philosophy and history of yoga.
  • Personal exercise programs that suit you. 
  • Stress management and breathing techniques.

FunCtionAl trAIning

  • Stregth, flexibility and breathing.
  • Help finding the exercises that suit you, and inspiration from your trainer to follow through with your own workouts.
  • We use free weights and body weight. We focus on posture and balance between strength, stability and flexibility. 



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