Workshops & trips

We arrange inspiring, expanding and relaxing yoga workshops all year round.


Give yourself the gift of immersing yourself in the world of yoga, or be inspired to discover something new with our workshops. A workshop is an in-depth class that lasts for a day and has a specific theme.

Workshops in yoga in Stockholm​

We hold exciting workshops in yoga and other areas throughout the year. Workshops are perfect for you who want to immerse yourself in an area or just invest in your well-being with a day of rest and healing. Some recurring themes we focus on are, for example, art therapy, meditation and shorter yoga courses.

Our workshops are held in the studio in Sundbyberg, Stockholm, by our own specialized yoga teachers or by invited guest teachers. Most of the classes require no prior knowledge and are suitable for both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners.

A few times a year you can also join us on wonderful retreats around the country. Here you get space to breathe, rest and heal, but also to sweat, be challenged in movement and be filled with new energy. Yoga and meditations are interspersed with nutritious food and lovely nature so that you come back from our weekend together strengthened and inspired.

If you want to get even more development and community, you are also welcome to come along on our yoga trips.


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